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Farmington County

Farming and American Country Life Simulator


Farmington County is an open-world, massive scale, country-life / farming game / economic simulator set in Small-town America. You have recently moved to Farmington County, in the growing town of Richland. Starting with hand tools, an old car, a tank of gas, a bag of seeds, and a small shed, can you turn your property into an economic powerhouse?


Create your farm from the ground up! Farmington County uses a grid-less, completely free-form farming and building system.

Use more than a dozen different vehicles to help you run your farm and get around. From small tractors to massive machines, ATVs to trucks, each with their own advantages and different uses.

Do you want to have a small farm? You can do that in Farmington county. Do you want a big farm? you can do that too. How about a massive farm, with thousands of different crops growing at the same time, hundreds of buildings and objects, and miles of roads? You can do that too. 

Farmington County was designed with a simple guiding principle - Make it fun, but with deep, satisfying gameplay mechanics.

The main objective of Farmington County is to have a profitable farm. Grow crops or sell other goods, and a dynamic economic system dictates how much you can sell your goods for. Watch out for the bottom line or you can lose your farm!

Farmington County is a growing community, and construction is underway. It’s only a short drive on the freeway to get to all the town services and meet some of the locals!

Planned Features:

I have a lot of unique, innovative plans for the future, so I'm keeping those on the down low. However, here are some things you can expect:

  • Detailed animal raising

  • Greatly expanded town area

  • ATV racing, mushroom hunting, fishing on boats, plinking, and other classic American small-town activities

  • Detailed NPC interactions and relationships 

  • Invest in the community, and reap huge monetary rewards for making the right decisions

  • RPG system for upgrading your character

  • Research system / tech tree

  • Detailed weather and seasons

  • More crops, more vehicles, more buildings, more of everything!


Farmington County is being developed by one man, MegaJojo. Originally from San Francisco, California, he was inspired by living in a small town in rainy Oregon, USA, with sheep and cows as neighbors. He learned how to program by making fun little apps for the iPhone, and is now trying his hand at his first, full-sized, full-featured farming game. He has a black labrador mix named Ollie and works on both a Mac and a PC. His favorite games are Rimworld, Harvest Moon, the classic Final Fantasy games, SimFarm, Fallout 1 & 2, Fallout New Vegas, Warcraft and Starcraft, Terraria, Rainbow Six Siege, and Divinity: Original Sin 2. He thinks this game will be fully finished in 2-3 years. 

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